QR Code Generation is the future in the movie industry

QR Code Generation is the future in the movie industry


QR Code Generation is the future in the movie industry | | AniseSmith QR codes | Scoop.itRecently I was at the movies and I noticed QR codes on some of the movie posters. When I scanned the QR code it brought me to Youtube to watch a movie preview of the movie Iron Man 2. This was freaking awesome once I realized the potential for QR codes in Hollywood. The reason being there has been many times I have been in the movie store looking at a movie that I wanted to rent however not knowing if the movie was good or not just by the description on the back of the box.

By placing QR codes on movie posters or even movie boxes you can enable anyone to watch a preview or trailer of that movie on their smart phone. This can save time for people who are in a rush or who are indecisive like myself. If you scan this Iron Man 2 poster it will bring you to a youtube video to watch the trailer. This can be very useful since your not wasting any of your own bandwidth in order to show people a video clip. If you wanted to you could also use it for watching commercials for products, clubs, restaurants and more.

Usually when it comes to print vs video you are going to be more entertained by video so the use of QR codes can be useful in this situation to engage the user interested in learning more. In order to produce a QR code for a movie preview you will need to upload your trailer or movie clip to You-tube. After you are done you will then need to get the URL of your movie from You-tube then login into Orange QR. If you do not have an account go ahead an create a free one. Once you have logged in click on generate a QR code and enter your video preview URL from You-tube into the URL to make the QR code. Then enter the necessary information to generate your first movie preview QR code. Once completed you will be able to track it and how many people scanned it to watch your movie preview.

So now that your QR code is created to send people to your movie preview start promoting and let the good times roll. This is by far one of the coolest ways I have seen companies use QR codes since most of the younger generation these days would probably scan a QR code to watch a movie preview over reading the back of the DVD or Blue-Ray box.

At Orange Qr we can help you if you would like to create, track, and manage your QR codes from one place. Learn more information on how to generate qr codes by visiting Orange QR website at: http://orangeqr.com

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