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Detailed Description of  Our SEO Services.

I. Introduction

Our primary goal is to produce high quality site traffic which will result in significant increases in online sales. These increases should also lead to visitor/customer loyalty. This will be done through enhancement of the client’s website and promotion of the clients business and Website on the Internet. In order to accomplish this, SOS must take action to improve the overall impact of the client’s brand on the Internet.

Our goals are as follows:

• Sales/Lead generation
• Building a community
• Building brand awareness with a new audience
• Managing brand perception
• Helping to provide customer service

SoS will accomplish this by micro-managing 4 distinct categories of Internet Marketing:

1.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
2.Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
3.Social Media Management (SMM)
4.Brand Building

II. Action Points for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

•Keyword Investigation and Research for brand and market segment. Installation of prime keywords into product descriptions, landing pages and category pages. Insertion of prime keywords into Meta descriptions, Meta tags and Page Titles.

•Keyword mining of competitors and installation of those keywords.

•Market Trend Analysis of the industry to spot buzz words, celebrity or professional endorsements etc. of brands offered by the client. Links to popular content will be included on the site. Back linking and cross linking of popular industry sites.  Creating content to provide relevance and popularity in the marketplace.

•Video Installations of pertinent and appropriate branding and trend videos. Managing hyperlinks and mass distribution of video.

•Blog Installation and hosting. Will be co-written and co-updated by SOS and the client on a regular basis.

•Cross-linking of content to site, forums or other distribution channels.

•Installation of micro-sites promoting brands, styles etc.

•Back-link seeding and Installations.

•Writing and revising textual content for maximum search engine response along with effective anchor text. Making corrections in HTML and scripts to ensure efficient crawls as well as validating CSS. Correcting and adding image alt tags where necessary. Addition of, or optimization of, snippets. Sitemap submissions.

III. Detailed Action Points for SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

•Research and define a niche in order to capitalize on it. SOS will work to gain market share in a particular classification or brand. Gain access to appropriate communities and obtain backlinks.

•Pay-Per-Click Campaigns using Google – SOS will manage a Google Adwords campaign.

•Product feeds to Google shopping. SOS will ensure functionality and timely updates of inventory to Google Shopping database where applicable.

•Craig’s list postings. SOS will list a representation of your products or services and URL on as appropriate.

•NexTag Ads (or other shopping sites). SOS will create and manage an Ad campaign on this site or similar ones and ensure that products are being fed where applicable.

•Press Releases and eZine Articles. SOS will write and submit press releases monthly or as necessary when new products are added, seasonal marketing plans are implemented or any other new activity that should be made public. Submission of other PR materials to appropriate blogs, boards and forums and article distribution sites.

IV. Detailed Action Points for Direct Marketing

•Ads on popular Blogs. Ads on blogs can be created and maintained relatively inexpensively. SOS will manage the campaigns if the client decides to participate in funding these separately.

•Coupon Marketing. With approval from the client, SOS will set up coupons and implement campaigns. SOS will also make suggestions on new campaigns based on market trends and sales trends for your site.

•Geo Targeting. SOS will optimize local search results and customize local Google Maps pages or others such as Merchant Circle and Yahoo.

•EMAIL Campaigns. SOS will design and manage HTML email campaigns to targeted lists and monitor ROI.

V. Detailed Action Points for SMM (Social Media Marketing)

•Twitter. SOS will set up and maintain a Twitter account on behalf of the client and will aggressively add followers, market to those followers and build brand awareness on a daily basis. SOS will also market to users with advanced search techniques and provide custom graphics media

•FaceBook. SOS will set up and maintain a FaceBook account on behalf of CLIENT and aggressively add “fans”, market to those “fans” and build brand awareness on a daily basis. If the client site has FaceBook data feed capability, SOS will monitor it to ensure that all products are updated on a regular basis and provide custom graphics installation.

•SOS will implement custom FaceBook (fbml) HTML pages where needed as well as establish FaceBook Ads and contests.

•YouTube. SOS will establish and maintain an account for the client and add keywords for SEO on the videos. If requested, SOS will manage outsourced video production.

•Craig’s List. SOS will list a representation of your products or services and URL on as appropriate.

•SOS will oversee other types of promotions such as GWP’S, GWV’S (gifts with visits), and CONTESTS! If requested by the client, SOS will create and implement promotions as well as a Loyalty/Rewards points program.

VI. Establishing and Evaluating Metrics

•Google Analytics. Google analytics statistics will be analyzed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and keyword, Ad budget, and placements will be adjusted based upon this analysis.

•Trackable ID’s. Additional statistics will be analyzed that come from trackable links on social media sites.

•GEO Tracking (ip address). Separate tracking and campaign modification based on geographical location data.

•Alexa ranking be analyzed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and keyword, Ad budget, and placements will be adjusted based upon this analysis


The marketing strategy outlined above should not be viewed as all encompassing. There are many proprietary “white hat” techniques that SOS will implement that will remain undisclosed so as to protect these unique services from competitors. Our plan will achieve both short term and long term positive eCommerce growth. The largest impact will be in higher sales volume, but the long term gains of building a brand while developing a larger and more loyal customer base will certainly continue to be the best gauge of success.

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