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Here’s What We’ll Focus On:

Your Website and Blog

We”ll create a first-class Website for you that includes a Blog feature. We’ll work with you to learn your business so we can help you “put your best foot forward” online.

Good traffic starts with a single blog post and grows from there.

FACT: Search engine optimization has changed dramatically in the last 18 months or so. Most of the old tactics that resulted in better positioning (getting on page 1 of Google) have all gone away. All major search engines now rank your site on ACTIVITY. So as Business/Website owners, we must now determine where our customers are; then make it easy for them to find us.

To accomplish this, we focus on…

Inbound Marketing: The process of attracting customers to you versus the old-school methods using mediums like radio, print, TV, direct mailers, etc. — you instead create powerful content and strategies, through the use of blogs and social media, to attract qualified leads to your Website and business.

Your Verified Google Presence

We make sure your business is listed, verified and optimized in every part of Google. After your website is complete, this is the most important thing we do to establish a solid foothold for your business on the internet.

FACT: Google+ is now hugely important!
Google My Business and Google+ are the ultimate search engine listing mechanisms for businesses with physical locations. These listings (shown from Google Maps) are created automatically for 90% of businesses that its algorithm locates. If Google hasn’t yet found yours, we can set one up for you. The key here, is that you as the business owner, can “take ownership” of those listings using Google’s verification process. You can also optimize those listings with photos, videos, descriptions of your products and much more. You will also have the ability to respond to reviews, which is incredibly important!

Other parts of this optimization of Google is verification of “Search Console” for content produced on your site. Oh…and did we also mention;  Analytics, Adwords, and YouTube ? Whew! You’ll be glad you assigned this task to us when you see how much is involved it setting it all up and optimizing it for you!

Your Social Media Platforms

FACT: There is no doubt that Social Media is here to stay. You must build your audience if you’re going to build your business!

The best way to build your audience is to have a presence where they are. If you’ve been avoiding Facebook from a business standpoint, you simply can’t afford to any longer. It’s a part of the daily lives of almost 1 billion people! We will create and optimize your business page for maximum visibility and we’ll help you with Ads and promotions.

Twitter is almost as important as Facebook and also should not be ignored. We have strategies that can get lots of recognition for your brand there and it is not at all time consuming.

YouTube is the most overlooked and the most under utilized by businesses. The power of YouTube in driving traffic to your brand cannot be overstated. It’s well worth your time. There are lots of great methods of optimizing your videos so that they get highly ranked in Google.

LinkedIN, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine just to name a few (and several others) can also be used, depending on the types of products and services you offer. We’ll help you determine the best ones for you and assist you in integrating them with your marketing efforts.

Your Email List

FACT: A lot has changed about the Internet over the last few years, but one key thing has not: Email  always has and still does to this day, provide the best response rate and ROI compared to every other form of online advertising and marketing.

You simply must make it as easy as possible for any of your audiences (your Website visitors, your Facebook Fans, your Twitter followers etc.) to sign up for your email list.  We’ll make sure we do this as we design your new Website/Blog for you and we’ll set up a mass Email program for you called, Mailchimp. We’ll train you on best practices for it’s use and help you set up a template or two.

The website, Facebook page, blog and Twitter feed are no longer add-ons to a business’s communication budget. They should be central to its marketing strategy and used in coordination with other marketing efforts.

-Richard Branson

Virgin Group

In order to have a successful presence on the Internet, these 5 aspects are key:

Organize and Optimize Your Content
  • It all starts with creating the content for each page of your Website. In written form, in as much detail as you feel is necessary, you’ll describe your products and services.
  • Then this content is organized and prioritized.
  • Next, Keyword research is done for each page of content. Keywords are chosen based on your targeted customer.
  • Finally, your written content goes into the final edit and these keywords are added into it.


Design - Layout - Attract

Now, with your content optimized and ready to go, the fun part begins.

First, we choose a color pallette. If you have a logo that has an established color scheme, this may determine the basic colors for your Website. If not, then there may be images or photos that you feel must be included on the homepage of your site. If so, we can extract the colors in those images to create a color pallette. Of course, just starting from scratch is an option and is the most common method.

Next, a layout of rows and columns is determined, based on assigning each piece of content “weight”. This concept is also used for separating content onto pages.

CTA’s (Calls to Action) are also written at this time and placed in the layout where they will be most noticed and effective.

On Page SEO

Here’s where the nitty, gritty details happen. These make a huge impact on your rankings in the Search Engines!

EVERY page of your website must be optimized so that Google, Bing and Yahoo  can easily determine that your website content is absolutely relevant to the market you are targeting!

Here are the 12 key facets to making this happen:

  1. Each page has a well written rich snippet
  2. Each page has a researched focus keyword
  3. Each page has at least 1 normal outbound link.
  4. In each page, the focus keyword appears in the first paragraph of the copy.
  5. In each page, the keyword density must be at least 0.2%
  6. In each page, the meta description contains the focus keyword.
  7. In each page, we’ve considered: How does the meta description compare to the competition? Could it be made more appealing?
  8. In each page, the focus keyword appears in at least 2 subheadings in the copy.
  9. In each page, the text contains more than the recommended minimum of 300 words.
  10. In each page, the page title is between the 35 character minimum and the recommended 65 character maximum.
  11. In each page, we make sure that we’ve never used this focus keyword before on other pages in the site.
  12. In each page, the images contain alt attributes with the focus keyword.



Google Business - Analytics Optimization

Many businesses do not take advantage of all of the free tools Google provides to ensure they have the best chance to be found!

Of course the first step is creating a Google account, but there are many important features for your business and website that you must set up correctly.

  • Sign up for Google Analytics and integrate the tracking code and verify it.
  • Set up, verify and connect Search Console to your Analytics account.
  • Use Search Console to “fetch and render” a snapshot of your site. Submit the site to the index and upload your XML sitemap.
  • Take ownership of your Google+ Business Page if you haven’t already, by verifying it. Optimize the 10 different sections of the page. Upload images and videos.



Email & Social Media Marketing

At the very least, EVERY business on the planet needs to have Facebook business page and Twitter account. Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIN and many others also have tens of millions of users. Once you’ve figured out where your target customers hang out, you need to have an active presence there.

Many businesses don’t realize that it is just as important to optimize these Social Media pages like you do for the on-page SEO on your website. The Facebook “About” page has about 20 different fields where focus keywords, links back to your website, rich text, calls to actions, optimized images and videos can make a huge impact. Take advantage of this. Your competitors probably are not.

Facebook Ads are absolutely the best place to spend your PPC advertising dollars today. ROI’s are incredible on Video Ads at the moment and you must take advantage of them. YouTube Video Ads are also extremely effective.

Email Marketing; You simply cannot afford to miss out on using email to build your business. It is by far the BEST ROI of any other type of Internet marketing. You simply must have a Mailchimp or Constant Contact form integrated into your site so you can collect email addresses. Your loyal followers spend the most and are the least expensive to promote your business to.


What if getting more customers was as simple as having us manage your online presence? It certainly can be.

If you’ve already had us create your website and set you up with our Total Online Presence package, then you can be confident that you now have the right framework to attract customers.

What happens from then on, is where the rubber hits the road!

We see more customers in your future… We see more visits to your website… We see your current clients spending more money with you than they did before – we know how to get you to this future destination!

Building a Website is not a “set it and forget it” proposition!

Whether you hire us to help or not – and you should 😉 – if you’ll add content to your site at least weekly and use the detailed guidelines above to optimize it, you will crush your competition.


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